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Client Reviews about Dominion Pawn in Manassas, VA

Great experience. Dell is super nice and I just loved the atmosphere he and his staff provided. They were all very friendly and helpful and accommodating. I wish I had more time to look at everything they had, but when I went I had a small window of time. I was looking for a specific piece of jewelry and found a gorgeous ring. You can see the sentimental ties they have to certain items and in general they have a more caring and personable personality than most all other pawn shops. They offered free cleaning and very reasonable sizing fees. I will definitely do my pawn shopping here exclusively from now on. As I am not a fan of the usual atmosphere of pawn shops, this store is more to my liking! Not only did we get a great deal, fair pricing and discounted fees, we just really enjoyed the overall experience.

- Beth S
I LOVE this family!! I've been a religious customer here just for check cashing, but I've seen and heard lots. They are so friendly, courteous and HONEST. Because I came every pay period like clockwork, they would only charge me 1/2-1%....sometimes not even charging me anything if it was a bad week. What other business does that???? I've never ever heard anyone raise a voice, storm out or give any kind of problems and I think that says ALOT. These guys (and gals ^_^) get to know you and care about your well being and for me that's all the more reason to patronize their business and finally review it. THANK YOU, sincerely.

- Melissa H
I visited Dominion Pawn on June 8, 2012 to sell gold and silver jewelry pieces for scrap. I spoke to the owner on the phone first, and he described the process to me, and explained how my payout was determined.

I found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The owner took a great deal of time assessing what I had brought in to sell and he walked me through what he was doing and why. I appreciated the explanations, and in the end, I was very pleased with what I received for my jewelry.

I haven't spent any time in pawn stores, but can tell you that this one is neat, clean, and well organized. It's located - as noted in the other review - in a strip center where there was more than ample parking on a Friday afternoon.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dominion Pawn to my family and friends, and am pleased to write a positive review about their business and service.

- Laurie L
Great place...These guys (Kevin & Dell) were very helpful...this was my first time going to a pawn shop and they let me know exactly what I should do... Thanks guys & I would definitely recommend them to anyone...

- Brittany S
I had some coins to sell so I called around to some coins shops (duh). The nearest one to me (that was fairly priced) wanted to pay me with a check (no thanks). On a whim I called Dominion Pawn and they were willing to pay the same price but in cash (thank you very much). Super clean business, very friendly staff (perfect experience).

- Marc M
I bought a toshiba laptop from this shop (07/22/2013) and the customer service was superb. Kudos to the guys at dominion pawn. The store was so clean and well organized. I definitely would refer my friends to this pawn shop whenever they need to buy anything.

- Gabriel A
The people and staff are very kind and friendly and work with you. And there patient and very helpfull. Prob one of the best customer service in a pawn shop I've ever seen. They def work with you. Surprisingly had a very excellent and warm place. If your in the manassas area and you want to pawn or buy anything please go here.

- Joseph G
computer crashed need new one stopped in and talked to Kevin and he gave me a great deal. these guys are the best!!!! thanks Kevin

- Jeff P